Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

3 Unique Ways to Plan Your Funeral Arrangements

by Sophie Barnes

When you consider funeral pre-planning you likely know that you can talk to a funeral director to finalise your options. There are also some steps you can take that are considered somewhat out of the box, unorthodox, and even unique. Here are three of those steps and what they can do to help you prepare and plan for your funeral and the related expenses.

Casket Furniture

One of the more unique methods being used by some people to prepare for their funeral and the related expenses is to use casket furniture. This concept is to have furniture, like bookcases and coffee tables, that are useful now and convert into your casket at the time of your funeral.

You may be thinking of a Gothic style casket style living room, but most of the casket furniture concepts are actually modular pieces that look like normal furniture and convert to combine and become your casket. This can allow you to choose a style of casket that you want, buy it now, pay over time, and have a functional piece of furniture along the way.

Use Jar Savings Plans

You can set a goal for yourself to save a certain amount of money over the course of a year, quarter, or a month. The idea is to set aside a specified amount per week and build it over time. At the end of the year, place the money into another savings jar and continue the process each year until you reach your funeral payment goal.

Instead of doing payments, that may have finance charges, you can save the money and pay for the funeral in a lump sum. These saves finance charges, interest, and possible late fees.

Green Your Funeral

One way to plan for your funeral arrangements is to green the funeral. This way is unique because it utilises nature more than your funeral home. Choose a way to have your ashes give back to the Earth. For example, you can have them planted with a tree in a biodegradable cup.

You could also have your ashes used as part of an organic ash based compost that will be used in flower beds in your community or part of an organic nursery. There are hundreds of green ideas that can come from cremation and allow you to have your funeral service in the open and as part of the lasting gift you are giving back to the Earth.

These are just three of the unique ways people are using to plan their funeral arrangements, create a memorable and personalised funeral, and save money in the process. For more ideas, contact local funeral directors through sources like Tony Hollands Funerals.


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Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

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