Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Three Most Unusual Ways Celebritie's Loved Ones Disposed of Their Funeral Ashes

by Sophie Barnes

Some people just want to go beyond a regular casket and funeral with a cremation, either following the wishes of the deceased, or their own. Regular people's unusual ash scattering preferences might go under the radar, but if someone's famous, even the most dull decisions turn into a dramatic affair...and when they're not dull, well, they're nothing short of inventive.

Here are three ways ashes were scattered (or not) that might leave you thinking:

1. Tupac Shakur got smoked

Tupac Shakur didn't just rap his verses - he lived them. Tupac's lyrics, while melodic and nothing sort of urban poetry, featured heavily violence, substance abuse, and social issues. Tupac died after getting shot from a shooter in a vehicle who pulled up next to his car and opened fire. His loved ones opted for him to get cremated, which would be nothing unusual considering the funeral trends of the time.

However, what was out of the ordinary was what they did with the ashes. Usually ashes are either scattered, buried, or placed on a mantle. Shakur's friends decided to honor his memory by doing something he loved - smoking weed. They mixed his ashes with marijuana and smoked them.

2. Hunter S. Thompson went out with a bang

After Hunter S. Thomspon, author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, committed suicide in 2005, Johnny Depp founded a crazy funeral in his honor. The ceremony featured a 150 foot long tower which featured a fist clutching a peyote, a symbol dear to Thompson, which had a cannon on top. The musical background was provided by Thompson's favorite songs, "Spirit in the Sky" and "Mr. Tambourine Man". Hunter S. Thompson ashes were stuffed in the cannon and shot into the sky as fireworks exploded.

3. Gene Roddenberry made a star trek

Gene Roddenberry, creator of the ever-popular sci-fi series "Star Trek", died following several health complications, leaving behind a legacy of hopeful sci-fi and millions of mourning trekkies (Star Trek fans). Aside from his family and friends, more than 300 hundred fans attended his funeral. He had been cremated prior to the funeral, and ever since, his ashes have, piece by piece, went to the stars. In 1992 some of his ashes flew into space on the Space Shuttle Columbia. In 1997, 7 grams of Roddenberry's ashes, alongside those of other people, were launched into orbit with a Pegasus XL rocket, which disintegrated following course deterioration in 2012. Another flight is planned to launch in 2016 with Roddenberry's ashes, his late widow's, and of several other people.

Cremation may be one of the most versatile ways of honoring your loved one's death wishes, or fulfilling their dreams in one way or another, as in the case of Roddenberry. They can be kept close, or scattered far away, to feel your loved one's presence always near you. Just keep in mind that there are a thousand different ways to do it.

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