Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Security Measures to Prevent Headstone Vandalism

by Sophie Barnes

Some cemeteries sprawl metropolitan areas while others are tucked away in the country. Unfortunately, headstones in cemeteries located in urban areas are exposed to vandalism, a hard crime that is difficult to track. Even when reported to authorities, most cases of headstone vandalism go unnoticed and unsolved. Therefore, people must treat headstone vandalism seriously due to its psychological impact. This article highlights tips on how to protect headstones from desecration.

Heavy Concrete Planters

One of the few things people trash or steal from a headstone is the flowers. Some of the flowers that loved ones use are quite expensive since they honour the deceased's final resting place. In most cases, headstone flowers are laid on the ground, making it easy for anyone to steal or trash. You can prevent it by placing flowers in heavy concrete planters and driving metal rebar across the planter to act as an anchor. Indeed, one may still manage to remove the flowers, but they have to put in work. Since many people will not spend more than a few minutes trashing and vandalising a headstone, heavy anchored concrete planters act as the perfect deterrents.

Access Control

Headstone vandalism is rampant in cemeteries that are easy to access. It means that anybody can walk through a cemetery regardless of whether they are visiting a loved one's grave or not. Therefore, a private cemetery that lacks access control measures will struggle to keep headstones safe. It is the reason a fence and a gate are crucial to safeguarding a cemetery. Anyone who wants to go to the cemetery must go through a manned gate and leave their credentials. Since young people often conduct the most headstone vandalism, it is improbable that such rowdy groups will be allowed inside a cemetery. It helps keep headstone vandalisms as low as possible.

Security Cameras

Although a fence may deter headstone vandalism, some people can find a way around it either by jumping or cutting through. Leveraging technology is arguably the best way to keep headstones safe in a cemetery. Since security cameras record everything happening within and without a cemetery, criminals would stay away from the watchful eyes of security personnel. That said, it is not enough to install security cameras around a fence and a gate alone. Criminals can wait until its dark, find a blind spot, and jump over a fence to vandalise headstones. Installation of motion detection cameras at strategic points inside a cemetery will go a long way in keeping memorials safe.


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