Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing Multicultural Funeral Services

by Sophie Barnes

Authenticity and hard work are crucial attributes when incorporating multicultural funeral services in a funeral home. You must work diligently to personalise a farewell funeral that respects a family's culture. However, it does not mean that adding multicultural funeral services to your packages is straightforward.

In fact, you can easily make mistakes that can cost you current and potential customers from different cultures and religious faiths. This article highlights the common mistakes to avoid when introducing multicultural funeral services. Read on for more helpful tips and mistakes to avoid. 

Dismissing cremation

One of the most common mistakes funeral directors make when introducing multicultural funeral services is dismissing cremation. Notably, cremation has become a popular burial method even for cultures that do not traditionally practice it. Therefore, it is common to encounter clients who want to cremate their loved ones. For instance, Orthodox and Conservative Judaism completely prohibit cremation as a way of laying the dead to rest.

However, some followers of Liberal Judaism are more welcoming to cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Thus, dismissing cremation eliminates a big chunk of clients from that particular religion. Consequently, you must include cremation services when introducing multicultural funeral services in your establishment.

Providing less than ideal options

When introducing cultural funeral services to your menu, you should conduct extensive research on specific cultures or religions. Notably, most funeral directors do not do the required research when learning about a new culture. Unfortunately, you risk disrespecting and losing clients by providing culturally insensitive funeral options.

For instance, you can offer cremation services but fail to arrange for an ash scattering ceremony. Similarly, you can offer Chinese funeral services but fail to provide the right incense sticks. Therefore, it is advisable to research the burial cultures you want to introduce to your funeral home facility.

Catering to many cultures

Most funeral directors want to become industry leaders by introducing funeral services catering to different cultures. However, the truth is that you cannot do it all, and you might fail if you try. The reason is that cultures are complex, and errors of omission and commission could cost your business.

The key to being a successful establishment offering multicultural funeral services is specialising. In this regard, choose cultures you can get support from authority figures, such as local religious and cultural leaders. It allows funeral homes to thrive while catering to the funeral needs of a specific clientele.


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