Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

Four Reasons That Cremations Might Be Right For Your Loved Ones

by Sophie Barnes

Cremation is a way to honour the memory of your loved one while also providing peace of mind that they are being cared for properly. This can help you and your family move forward with comfort, knowing that nothing has been left to chance. Here are four reasons that a cremation service might be right for your loved ones. 

1. Cost

Cremation is often more affordable than traditional burials, and the cost of cremation can be reduced further by choosing direct cremation. A direct cremation is a type of cremation that does not include a viewing or visitation. The body is usually transported directly from the place where the death occurred to the funeral home, which then transports it to the crematory for cremation.

Direct cremations are typically less expensive than traditional funerals or memorial services because there are no additional costs associated with embalming or a casket.

2. Flexibility In Honouring The Deceased's Wishes And Preferences

You can choose how long you want to keep their remains, whether or not you want an open casket ceremony, and even whether or not you want an urn containing their ashes displayed in your home after the cremation ceremony has taken place. Cremation also means that you can choose to scatter their ashes somewhere meaningful to you both. 

3. Environmental Considerations

Cremation is an eco-friendly way to dispose of your loved one's remains. The process of cremating a body only produces a small amount of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and water vapour. It also takes up less space in a cemetery or mausoleum than a traditional burial does, so there's less pressure on landfills and other environmental resources. It also eliminates the need for embalming fluids and toxic caskets. 

4. A Quicker Time Frame

Cremation is a more efficient process than embalming, and it takes less time to process the body. This is especially important if you need to transport the body across state lines or internationally, or if you want to preserve your loved one's remains for a longer period of time. Cremation is a faster process than traditional burial, which means that you can have a funeral within a matter of days instead of weeks. If you're looking for the simplest way to say goodbye to your loved one, cremation may be right for you.

If your loved one expressed a preference for cremation, or you believe it is the right choice for them due to the above facts, chat with a funeral home about cremation.


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Planning Funerals for Young Children, Infants and Stillborns

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